Key Details

Interstate 84 upgrade

Idaho, USA

Idaho Transportation Department

Idaho Transportation Department


Maintenance and upgrades to a section of the Interstate 84 roadway project used 70,000 units of Mateendowel. These were inserted by a dowel bar placement machine to provide a corrosion-free solution for contraction joints.

Concrete locking caused by corrosion is a common issue with dowel. It leads to costly and inconvenient repairs. Mateendowel™ does not corrode, requiring no maintenance.

The design called for the same set up as the ACI test recommendations of 10” concrete with 1.5” dowels spaced at 12 inches centre-to-centre. Mateendowel™ proved to be the most cost competitive dowel in a when compared to stainless steel, stainless clad, zinc coated, and ASTM 1035 or MMFX.

Extending the design life cycle through a corrosion-free joint system reduces maintenance and provides significantly reduced cost of ownership to the Idaho Transportation Department. 


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