Mateendowel™ is a glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP), used in roading and other applications to offer shear reinforcement where corrosion is a concern. 

Dowels are used extensively in concrete jointed roads and underpasses in extreme conditions.

Mateendowel™ does not corrode even when exposed to de-icing salts and salty soils. It is designed to provide excellent load transfer across expansion joints between slabs.

Mateendowel™ Advantages

Mateendowel™ has similar properties to Mateenbar™ and also provides:

  • Corrosion-free and high chemical resistance
  • The longest life cycle of all dowel types
  • High shear strength for load transfer efficiency
  • 1/4 the weight of steel dowel, it's faster and safer to handle
  • Significant savings over stainless steel dowels
  • Low bond strength – no need to grease dowels
  • Corrosion-free joining system reducing maintenance costs

Technical Data

Mateendowel™ has been tested using ASTM methods.

Download technical data here.

Sizes range from 6mm to 38mm diameter. 


  • Roading
  • Bridge decks and barrier walls
  • Jointed concrete pavements
  • Mechanically-stabilized wall panels
  • Expansion and contraction joints
  • Approach slabs


Rotterdam Port, Photo courtesy of Heijmans

Using Mateendowel™

Mateendowel™ is lightweight and safe to handle. It can be installed use the same methods as other dowels.

Designed with a low bond strength, it is quicker to install and does not requiring greasing or other preparation methods.

Installation methods

  • Slip form paver baskets
  • Dowel bar insertion machines
  • Precast panels
  • Retrofits and repairs