Key Details

Project Name: 
Construction of Zayed Road Network in Mina Zayed Area 01 Main Tunnel, Abu Dhabi UAE

Department of Transport (Musanada)

Tebodin/ Parsons

Itinera- Agility JV

Bauer International FZE

Secant Pile

The circular design needed to provide a design requiring a combination of moment and shear loads. Design safety and performance under combined loads were checked and approved. The use of concrete fiberglass reinforcement allowed for an economic and safe design.

Mateenbar and Mateenbar bends were used in an area of the main tunnel where the structure will be subjected to heavy loads.  The high tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity were ideal plus it allowed for good splice lengths. With the high values of Mateenbar, the weight was a lot less compared to other suppliers.

Why is GFRP rebar ideal for secant pile applications?

Overall, GFRP rebar provides a lightweight and corrosion-free material for secant pile applications. It’s quicker to work with, easier to cut, and provides a 100-year service life.