Incorrect handling can compromise safety and performance. Please observe the following guidelines for handling, safety, storage, and installation.

Download a copy of the Mateenbar™ Health and Safety guidelines here.

Shipping and Storage of FRP Rebar

Mateenbar™ glass fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) bars must be packaged and shipped according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Please contact Pultron Composites if re-packaging and secondary shipping is required. Damage by excessive force and/or heavy impacts may occur, so observe the following best practices:

• Never store or place on sharp edges or surfaces

• Always use proper lifting equipment and multiple lifting points when handling bundled bars

• Place bends and non-linear components on durable pallets, use proper lifting and hoisting equipment

• Store above ground level on platforms, skids, or other supports as close as possible to the point of placement

Handling of Mateenbar™ FRP Rebar

Care is advised in the handling of these materials during storage and installation:

• Open packaging completely and do not force out of packaging

• Do not drag on the ground or across sharp edges as this can score the Mateenbar™

• Damaging or abrading equipment or tooling should not be used with Mateenbar™

• On-site cutting is permitted by means of carbide or diamond-coated blades. Do not use shears

• Full protective garments, and eye and face protection must be worn at all times when cutting Mateenbar™

• Gloves must be worn at all times when handling, cutting and tying Mateenbar™, as the product has sharp edges

CAUTION: Permanent bends are manufactured by Pultron Composites and its authorised partners and delivered to the site ready for installation. Bending of bars on site is not possible except for very large radius bends. Mateenbar™ can be bent elastically into place and firmly held into position. If released without controls, the elastic energy will cause Mateenbar™ to snap back quickly to its original shape, which may result in injury.

Installation of FRP Rebar

The placement of Mateenbar™ FRP rebar is similar to that of other rebars. Following these guidelines will ensure the best results:

• Mateenbar™ must be held firmly during the pouring and setting of concrete. Bars, except those to be placed in vertical mats, should be tied at every intersection when the spacing is more than 30cm (12 inches) in any direction. Where the spacing is less than this, the bars should be tied at every intersection or at alternate intersections. Ties maintain the position of the reinforcement during the pouring and setting of concrete. They do not need to provide permanent strength to the structure

• Always ensure bars do not float upwards and out of position during concrete placement and consolidation. If movement is detected, the pour should be halted whilst additional support or fixtures are added

• Mateenbar™ is supplied free of materials that could compromise the bond, such as oils, dirt, or chemicals. If the bars become contaminated, they should be cleaned prior to installation to ensure best performance

• Bars should be supported on suitable chairs at the correct depth in the concrete

• Mateenbar™ can be used and tied in with steel bars. The same tying method as steel should be used in order to achieve best performance, with laps as per Mateenbar™ specifications. For faster installation, a cordless tying gun is recommended

• Nicks, scrapes, and cuts that do not exceed 5% of the depth of the bar are acceptable. Beyond 5% we recommend replacement of the bar. Alternatively, a lap splice with the appropriate lap length either side of the damage may be applied

Jointing and Lapping

Mateenbar™ may be jointed with lap joints as shown on the plans. Unless otherwise shown on the plans, Mateenbar™ shall be lap spliced using a fibreglass rebar of the same diameter. Lap lengths and bar cover should be as indicated on the plans.

Additional Information

Please contact your nearest Mateenbar™ distributor or Pultron Composites for any queries on handling, safety, and installation.

Australia: / +61 436 936 396

New Zealand and the Pacific: / +64 6 867 8582